Do you sell Automatic Sensor Door?2019-08-30T02:16:27+05:30

Yes we do sell automatic sensor door. We can arrange bi-parting door, revolving door, curved sliding door etc. 

What are the various sizes of glass pillar?2019-08-30T02:05:37+05:30

Most common size is (1) 70mmx90mm other than this we have (2)  72mmx72mm,  (3) 50mmx50mm, (4) 200mmx50mm,  (5) 65mmx85mm. (6) 70mm Dia etc. 

Can you cut the glass pillar?2019-08-30T01:50:06+05:30

Yes, we can cut the glass pillars to your required dimension. 

What is the length of glass pillar?2019-08-30T02:02:06+05:30

Most common length of glass pillar is 2500mm height (250cm height) but various sizes of glass pillars are available in the market. 1 Meter, 2 Meter, 2.5 Meter and 3 Meter. 

What is the price of glass pillar?2019-08-30T01:34:06+05:30

Glass pillar prices varies from India Rupees 2500 to 13000 according to the sizes, decorations, styles, shapes.  For more details please do write or call us. 

What is the size of glass block?2019-08-30T02:18:11+05:30

Most common glass block size is 190mm (width) x 190mm (height) x 80mm (thickness),  

some glass block are coming in the size of 145mm (width)x 145mm(height) x 80mm (thickness)

Do you sell glass pillars?2019-08-30T01:40:48+05:30

Yes we do sell glass pillars. If you need any glass pillars, please contact our sales team. 

Do you sell glass blocks ?2019-08-30T01:35:00+05:30

Yes we sell glass blocks and glass bricks. We have been selling this product for the last 15 years. 

What is a Floor Spring?2019-08-30T01:45:43+05:30

Floor spring units are hydraulic oil controlled door aid for closing the door. Normal door does not closes its own but a door fixed with floor spring can close its own.

These floor springs are fixed underneath the door and finally covered with a plate. We can adjust the closing speed. 

What are the common problems in a floor spring?2019-08-30T01:58:56+05:30

After certain period, floor springs can show the following problems, (1) Aligment problem, Door will not close to the extend it is required, it may either stop little away or after the required level. (2) Door bottom touch the floor (3) Sound from the door (4) Closing speed problem 

How to fix door Closer.2019-08-30T01:53:09+05:30

Choose a model which suits you best, according to your door height, width and weight.  We can help you to choose the correct model. Select all required tools to fix, like drilling machine, screws, etc. Mark the door closer in the door and  fix the machine to the door, fix the arm to the frame. Adjust the speed. Adjust the force.  

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