Is glass pillars made with air bubbles in it?  Yes, Glass Pillars are made with air bubbles in it. Actually these controlled bubble creations makes it much more beautiful, when it is given with light. These bubbles are created using a special controlled method of air transfer through the glass pillar in production stage. 

Bubble sizes and bubble pattern differs from one pillar to another pillar. Sometimes even bubbles are formed at the surface of glass pillars. Most of the time bubbles are inside the glass pillar and its size are unique in nature, but some times bubbles pattern may differ and size. 



In the above picture you can see the bubble sizes which differs, but these bubbles are very much required for the better view of glass pillars. 


Air bubbles with color pigment inside the glass pillar. These type of glass pillar looks more beautiful even in the day light. Normally glass pillars are good with proper lighting and it may not look good in the normal day light. But these kind of colour glass pillars are good to see even in the day light.