Project Description

Crystal-India, one of the leading companies in the design and production of glass architectural systems, has completed the impressive construction of the glass canopy of the MRF Chairman House at Boat Club Road, Adayar, a landmark project in Chennai.


We were facing many challenges in this work due to a corner portion came to the canopy design,  We were initially trying to put the glass from 2 sides and join it somewhere in as a rectangle pieces. But this eventually developed a problem in the slope. With out slope in glass, there are chances of water accumulating in the other end and it may develop water leakage later stage. 


Many of the fittings has been customised to make a corner effect in the glass. Pillar in the structure also made the glass work little difficult since we had to cut the glasses accordingly. 



We have made all efforts to make our corner looks better, and also glasses hanged in the corner with canopy fittings and spiders in combination. 


Hanging Rods has been designed to take the load, We have used 19mm SS 304 Grade with clockwise and anticlockwise threading to adjust the slope in the glass. 



All the routels in this project has been sealed with silicone to avoid glass water leakage.