Sevas Glass Block Supplier Kerala:-

Crystal India is the leading supplier and dealers for sevas glass blocks in Kerala. We Procure, stock and deal in various sevas glass blocks and we are the No.1 distributor for sevas glass blocks. 

Seves Glassblock offers three extensive lines of glass blocks: Design, Technology and Basic, to meet the diverse needs of architects and interior designers. A line that offer smart solutions both for home interiors and building and architecture. The Design Line is inspired by principles such as creativity, style, functionality and innovation.



Suggested for Home interiors, the prevalent style for Basic Line glass blocks is a clear monochrome, ideal for use in every interior applications, and able to combine the structural aspect with the functional one: the passage of light. Available also various formats with different thicknesses and also soft shades or bold and vibrant tones, an extra-tool for interior designeA line that offer smart solutions for building and architecture.

With a large range of formats, thicknesses and finishings, the Technology Line contains glass blocks in classic formats ideal for vertical structures requiring high performance capabilities, solutions for horizontal structures assuring safety and stability, and a variety of formats and thickness for every architectural needs.


Various Types of Glass Blocks

  1. Transparent Glass Blocks
  2.  Soft Shades Glass Blocks
  3.  Dark Colour Glass Blocks
  4. Glass Blocks Tiles
  5. Glass Blocks Thermal Insulation
  6. Sound Proofing Glass Blocks
  7. Photo voltaic Glass Blocks
  8. Half Shell Glass Blocks
  9. Big Glass Blocks
  10. Bullet Resistant Glass Blocks
  11. Fire Resistant Glass Blocks
  12. Light Control Glass Blocks