Which led light is good for glass pillar? 

“Information given below is based on our experience, kindly check all the led lights before buying from your end and buy” 


Pillars are different in size bubble formation and designs, according to that light transmission through the pillar also may change. So it is always better to buy a sample led and try it out before finalizing the final purchase plan. 

When you decided to buy a glass pillar, next question in your mind is which led light may be good for you. From our experience we suggest the following. 

  1.  Led Cabinet Light 3 watt (good for most cases 2 lights need to be given.. one from top one from bottom)

  2.  Led Cabinet Light 2 watt ( good if the glass pillar height is less than 1200 mm, still it is better to use one light on top and one on bottom)

  3.  Led Cabinet Light 5 watt ( This is good if the pillar height is more than 2 meter and if you need a very bright pillar. if you do not require that brighter you can still go for 3 watt light) (In some special case if you are not able to give the led light from both side of the pillar, you can give 5 watt from one side, This may give light almost 75% of the pillar )

  4.  Led Cabinet Light 9 watt (This is very brighter option and may not suitable for most of the cases)

Which color is best for glass pillar lighting?  

Normal Led Lighting for Glass Pillar

Natural , Warm, White  are the most common color combinations available in led lights.  From our experience natural color led lights are the best, followed by warm light and white light.

Colour Led Lightnings for Glass Pillar 




Blue, Red, Green and Multi colour leds also available.   From our experience blue gives better effect followed by green and red. Multi colour led is good if you need to change the colour of pillars automatically. 

Multi colour led with remote. 

In this option we can have led bulb with remote control, we can choose various option of lighting in this. For more details about this please do write a mail to us.