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Why Electronic Safe for your home?

Electronic safe with key pad to unlock the safe is a an option to keep your valuable safe and good. In comparison to traditional safe lockers, modern electronic locks offers various features like extra safety, and no need of using key, etc. if you attempt to open the safe 3 times with wrong password, it moves to a safety mode and door will be in a freeze mode for next 5 to 10 minute. There are electronic safe with most modern features like, sms sending, and wifi connectivity. 


Why we need a safe in our home? Imagine a situation, where you need to put your passport in safe and your wife want to take it when you are away, in this situation, you can give the password of your safe to your wife and she can use the safe. In case if you forgot to the key in home and your office safe can function normally with out key in office. 


Convenience a safe extend to us is much more than we think. In a modern situation, your mobile, phone, your data drives, documents, money and jewellery, etc need safety. 


do not wait, go for a safe. 



How often should I change my battery?

The frequency that you will have to change your battery varies by user. If you use your safe multiple times a day you may have to change your battery more frequently than someone who uses the safe three times a week. Just to be safe, we suggest changing the battery of your safe twice a year.

What kind of battery should I use?

We recommend using an all alkaline Duracell or Energizer battery with an expiration date of five years in the future. This will ensure optimal lock performance.

1. I don’t keep much cash and jewellery at home, Do I still require a Safe? 

Yes. In today’s hectic and fast paced life, all of us do not get time to go to the bank. Ozone Safes are an ideal solution as your valuables can be adequately protected in your home and office. Also, important documents like PAN card, passport, share certificates, property papers, electronic cameras and other important papers and gadgets need to be protected. These things tend to get misplaced often due to occasional use and we need to protect them. A safe will always serve as the best option in your home and office to keep all your valuables secure without chances of getting misplaced. 

2. Are digital locks safe enough? 

Yes. Digital locks are as safe as manual safes. Electronic safes are operated with a digital password which is set by the user. Ozone safes have the option of 4- 8 digit user codes. Since the password can be of various number of digits, anyone who tries to tamper with the safe will not be knowing the number of digits used for setting the password. As such, it will be practically impossible for him to hack the password by hit and trial. If the wrong password is entered in the safe 3 times consecutively, the safe will go in shut down mode for 5 minutes. Thus, effectively safeguarding your essentials. 

3. How do I know whether the batteries are getting weak? 

In Ozone Safes, a low battery indicator (on front panel) glows when the batteries get weak. If it glows red, it’s time to change the batteries. In certain safe models, the safe will emit a beeping sound which indicates low battery. 

4. How do I open the safe if batteries are completely drained before changing? 

A set of emergency keys is supplied with every Ozone safe. In case the batteries drain out, you may use the emergency key to open the safe or the emergency battery box which is present on the outer side of the safe can be directly connected to the front panel of the safe, thereby easily opening it without causing any inconvenience to the user. Please Note: Never keep the emergency keys inside the safe. 

5. Where should I place my keys after I have installed my safe? 

The keys of the safe should be kept hidden at some other secure place in your home and the keys should be used only if the user code is forgotten or the batteries of the safe are completely drained out. 

6. What if someone takes away the entire safe? 

Every Ozone safe comes with holes at the back and base of the safe. These holes are provided to bolt the safe inside the wardrobes or cabinets with fixing bolts. Once the safe is bolted, no one can take the safe away without opening the bolts. The fixing bolts are provided for the additional security and comfort of the user. 

7. Can the keys be duplicated manually? 

No. The emergency keys supplied with the safe cannot be duplicated manually. Every safe has a unique key design which works only in the safe with which it is supplied. These keys are digitally made from a computerized machine and have a 4 bit design which cannot be duplicated anywhere in India. 

8. Why are home and office safes light weight compared to traditional safes? 

Home and small office safes are normally installed inside the wardrobe or cabinet with wooden shelves. The weight of safes is purposely kept optimal so that the wooden shelves can bear the weight without breaking. If the safe is very heavy, it will be difficult to use on your wooden shelves which are typically not very thick. 

9. Why is the Emergency Opening option given in Ozone safes? 

In case of non recall of user code, Ozone safes have the option of Emergency opening by Master Code or Mechanical over ride key or by Electronic card. Thus, minimalising the user’s discomfort. 

10. Are all safes fire proof? 

No. All safes are not fire proof. Only fire proof series safes are certified fire proof. Ozone Safes have fireproof and fire resistant safes. 

11. How will I get warranty if I transfer the safe to another city? 

Ozone safes are covered under on site warranty at most of the major cities of India. For other cities, you will need to send the safe to the nearest Ozone dealer to avail the services. To get the detail of nearest Ozone dealer or service center, you may call our customer care no -9310012300. Ozone Safes come with a 1 Year Warranty. We are well equipped to provide our customers with timely & efficient after sales service. 

12. How do I decide which safe size is ideal for me? 

Choose a safe that will easily accommodate any requirements your customers generally have, from personal effects to laptop computers to larger items that need to be secured. So choose accordingly from the large range available. 

13. Are Ozone Safes User Friendly? 

Yes, they are. The keypad and display panel on every ozone safe is large enough to be easily seen. Each safe comes with a User and Installation Manual .The instructions given are simple, clear and easy to understand. 

14. Why do Ozone safes have a Audit Trail function? 

An audit trail function is highly recommended to protect you from liability. In an emergency, in case of forgetting the user code and also not having the emergency keys, a credit or a debit card can be used for easy opening of the safe. 

15. Why do Ozone safes have a Shut Down Mode? 

The shutdown mode prevents openings by repetitive attempts. After several unsuccessful attempts, Ozone safes enable a shutdown mode for a period of 5 minutes, thus preventing tampering by strangers. 

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